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“The book saved us from making potentially numerous wrong turns and it was good to get switched on to every angle, choice and stage in one book, “The level of detail is second-to-none and it was great to see tips on where to save time and energy and possible water sources etc. Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse: Strategies, advice, detailed topo booklet and 10 classic scrambles (Cicerone Guides) Paperback – 19 Mar. For the latest reviews - including extra photos and kit that won't appear online - pick up a copy of the current issue of Trail magazine! I’m a widely published journalist, a knowledgeable and engaging web copywriter and a professional blogger. Book a Skye Cuillin Guide for a Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse or join us for a Skye Cuillin Munro Course. Cuillin Ridge Traverse Booked a Cuillin ridge Traverse with West Coast Mountain guides. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. I completed a half traverse of the terriftying ridge and summited six of the most northerly Munros. We used the book for a half traverse of the northern section of the Cuillin Ridge, which is well-known for being very technical and a sustained section. Some of the 10 scrambles are also considered to be classic mountain days out in Scotland, such as the Dubhs Ridge and Sgurr nan Gillean’s Pinnacle Ridge. The Cuillin ridge traverse is simply the best mountaineering route for shredding your footwear in the country! Many of their summits require scrambling or even rock … Skye’s Cuillin Ridge is the Holy Grail of British scrambling. Harvey mapsThe guide includes many annotated Harvey Maps – arguably the best maps for use on the complicated Cuillin – showing the main routes, alternative routes, and key features (such as bivvy spots) and landmarks along the way. Our guide, Ben, was very … Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse: Strategies, advice, detailed topo booklet and 10 classic scrambles (Cicerone Guides) Adrian, the author, is an accomplished photographer and even if you only look through the book and read sections, you will greatly enjoy it. We'd hired a mountain guide to do the Cuillin traverse, a 12km ridge on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, which takes in 11 Munros and many subsidiary peaks. This allows you to test your head for heights and technical skills. To have every chance of success, we require you to have experience in hill walking and scrambling. The Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye is one of … The Cuillin ridge is world famous for the super climbing and scrambling on offer. It offers a lifetime of exploration for people of all abilities. It is ideal if you plan to do a full traverse of the 12km ridge, including 11 Munro summits, or if you want to do shorter sections of the ridge. Activity / Cycling / Cycling / Kit Reviews / Mountain biking / Road cycling, Love is… A few thoughts from an outdoors gal, Activity / Kit Reviews / Munro Bagging / Road cycling / Walking, My outdoor clothing guide to surviving the winter, Activity / Kit Reviews / Munro Bagging / Running / Running / Travel / Walking, Running in a Gore-tex Active Shell jacket, Activity / Cycling / Road cycling / Travel, Activity / Cycle Routes / Cycling / Cycling / Kit Reviews / Mountain biking / Road cycling, Why wearing a bike helmet makes sense to me. They are advertorial, although I still monitor the content to ensure it is of a good standard. But with injuries in both legs and a knee … It’s not only a great example of a Cuillin guide, but an indication of what all mountain guidebooks should be. 2020/11/18. With over 13,000ft of ascent across complex, exposed and testing terrain, this ridge requires respect, a cool head, a high level of fitness and favourable conditions to have our best chance of success. Its an amazing challenge for lovers of narrow ridges, massive exposure and exciting climbs. Other blogs many also include a link to this disclosure page because they are commissioned posts. Strategy, gear, training, navigation and logistics are covered, and 10 classic scrambles are described. It’s a brilliant book.”, Climbing / Inspiration / Outdoors & adventure / Walking, Nepali climbers the first to summit K2 in winter, CBD cream and other tips to manage sore muscles, Kit Reviews / Outdoors & adventure / Running, Review: Flanci skapri (aka the winter skort), Review: Hoka One One Torrent 2 for trail running, Fit over 50 / Inspiration / My fit at 50 / Outdoors & adventure / Ski & Snowboard, Inspiration / Outdoors & adventure / Walking, Chris Howard’s 11,000-mile walk of self-discovery around Britain. All registered in England and Wales. Traversing the Cuillin Ridge For most people – and you do need to be an experienced mountaineer – the traverse takes two days with an overnight on the ridge. Any views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views on this website. Email: [email protected] A lightweight second guidebook gives the scrambler detailed maps, topos and route description for the ridge traverse … Some blogs on this site will be also be sponsored and include affiliated links. My husband, G, and I made good use of the book during two mountain days – and a total of eight Munro summits – this summer. Adrain has left no stone unturned in his very detailed first volume of the guide book. The 10 scramble routes are a great addition, too. Cuillin Ridge Traverse – What to expect As your planned traverse approaches your guide will be in contact to discuss any final arrangements and discuss the prevailing weather forecast. They include all the details and info you will need before you make the traverse and while on the ridge. Book now and traverse with me through the daunting Cuillin Ridge – I will give you an experience unlike any other in the world! Our overall conclusion is that this is an excellent guide book and the perfect companion for walking and scrambling in the Cuillin mountains of Skye. This second volume is meant to be carried with you on the ridge. Describing the Cuillin Ridge as a scramble would be like billing K2 as an exciting mountaineering route … It’s a two-volume guide book with all the information required to complete the main ridge traverse on Skye’s Black Cuillin. To start with, and I know that looks should not matter, but the guidebooks are beautiful. Both volumes feature official Harvey mapping, numbered topos and corresponding detailed route descriptions. “The book is really helpful because it allows you to feel reassured that you are taking the right route.”. I hope you enjoy my collection of news, ideas and inspiring stories on this website. Book your Inaccessible Pinnacle Guide to reach the summit of one of Scotland's most iconic mountains. Join us for our guided traverse of the Skye Cuillin Ridge, one of the most sought-after and memorable mountaineering challenges in the UK. It means that you only need to take half the weight – volume two – with you. Doing a 'Traverse' is of the most sought after challenges a … The chapter details a superb winter mountain route, from north to south. But a guidebook has to be written for a range of abilities, from those who simply want to read about the ridge to those who are expert climbers and all the many people in between. But translating first-hand knowledge and experience into a form that helps others make use of it isn’t always easy. Why not call or email to find out what I could do to improve your business? “Even if you are sure you know the route because you have been there before or you have looked at the maps, there are times when you get to a section and you are not quite sure of the exact route. Booked the Cuillin Ridge traverse with synergy guides end of May 2019, this was booked late however we were pleased Steve managed to organise this for us. Where is the best place to buy property in Turkey? Adrian Trendall, a guide on the Isle of Skye, has written a book published by Cicerone called Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse. This means that I may have received payment for the posts. I referred to it many times to reassure myself of the right route. The Cuillin Ridge Traverse is arguably the finest climb in Britain. I work, write and play about Scotland's great outdoors. “The summits are of bare and naked rock….tossed into … In terms of the practicalities of a Cuillin traverse or half traverse, the books are a must-buy. VAT no 918 5617 01 There are also 10 scrambles described in detail, which are meant to provide an introduction to the Cuillin. In volume one there is a wealth of useful information about strategy, … The Cuillin Ridge Traverse is simply the best mountaineering route in the country. Volume two, which is the book you would take with you on to the ridge, is great for “reassurance and checking”. Key AdviceThe guide includes information on strategy, gear, training, navigation and logistics, plus a detailed section focusing on the ridge in winter. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 This is far from the first guidebook to be written about the Cuillin, so how have Adrian and Cicerone gone about ensuring that this is worthy of not only sitting alongside those existing publications, but potentially replacing them as the go-to reference? These are perhaps the highlight of the lighter on-the-ridge book. Put simply, they’ve endeavoured to make each and every part of the book, and therefore the ridge, as clear to understand, recognise and navigate as possible. This new guidebook ensures that those with the skills and ambition to tackle the Cuillin Ridge have all the information they need at their fingertips. I can also take you out on a 5-day traverse of the Cuillin Ridge ! A full traverse of the Isle of Skye’s Cuillin Ridge is rightly regarded as the UK’s most challenging mountain route. They are small, neat and filled with great photos and maps. The companies and brands receive no guarantee of endorsement. In addition, there are details for a winter traverse. A guided Traverse of the Black Cuillin Ridge A guided traverse along the Black Cuillin Ridge is Scotland’s most serious undertaking when it comes to scrambling and mountaineering. And consider yourself to fall into our silver and preferably gold category of fitness. When the weather is not playing fair in the … The saw-toothed chain of dark peaks that form ridge can be confusing and bewildering to navigate, so it’d require something pretty special from a guidebook to demystify this terrain. Adrian is very experienced and knows these mountains extremely well. © 1962-2019 Bauer Media Group We … The guide is actually two books housed in a PVC sleeve: one chunkier reference book to review at home, and a lightweight second book with detailed maps, topos and route descriptions to be taken on the ridge traverse … It offers a step-by-step account of best route to take with lots of thought put into how the information is presented. We offer a variety of days out, or courses, for those groups or individuals who want professional private guiding or those who want to adapt to more difficult terrain on the Cuillin Ridge. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, but Dave my guide for the 3 days was outstanding. And when even these maps are not detailed enough, there are magnified schematic plans for the really tricky sections. A guided traverse of Skye's Cuillin Ridge is a major undertaking involving two long days, each in the region of 8-12 hours under good conditions, and should not be underestimated. He has been … These are peaks of which dreams are made - and nightmares! That is, you need all the right kit and essential items, but you don’t want to have to carry more than you have to because you will be out in steep and tough terrain for a long time. It’s also possible to order direct from: [email protected] for £19.95. And I have a … A handful of short rock climbs are encountered along the route but these are not a problem compared to the physical and mental effort required. I require to monetise my website on occasions and so I choose, with care, some paid-for posts. Skye Mountain Guides is a mountain guiding company based at the foot of the Black Cuillin mountains on the Isle of Skye. Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse Guides and Courses A Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse with a Skye Cuillin Guide Book your Skye Cuillin Ridge Traverse with Kirkhope Mountaineering, offering dates to suit you with … Tower Ridge Guide, Aonach Eagach Guide, Cuillin Ridge Guide, Curved Ridge google-site-verification: google78c0dc0f8872491e.html google78c0dc0f8872491e (1) Home About Us Ben Nevis Mountain … H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. These offer the chance to try some of the main sections of the ridge. I specialise in writing about the great outdoors and adventure. Approaches and descents to the Ridge take a total of 6 hours. The Cuillin ridge is an epic undertaking; 12km of almost continuous scrambling, 11 Munro’s, technical rock climbs and a few abseils just for good measure! The 10 routes will give you are great introduction to the Cuillins – and will also show you how the guides work in terms of descriptions and route guidance. These Skye Courses run throughout the summer months. At … G said: “Navigation and route choice in the Cuillin is notoriously tricky, so it is helpful to have maps and route descriptions to back up your choice when actually on the ridge. Extra scramblesThe larger book gives details of 10 classic scrambles that can be enjoyed on the ridge without undertaking a full traverse. The Ridge comprises of around 12km of scrambling with 11 Munro tops and around 20 tops giving around 3000m of ascent and descent. A succesful Cuillin Ridge Traverse requires many ingredients to … Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse by Adrian Trendall is a detailed topo guidebook describing both summer and winter traverses. The best ever guidebook for Skye's Cuillin Ridge traverse? Over 4000m (13,000feet) of ascen… You might also like to find out how I can work with you. The Cuillin Ridge on Skye is hoime to 11 Munros. Detailed annotationsPhotographs are also used to excellent effect to show how to tackle the numerous climbing obstacles, giving such details as where the best holds, protection and belay positions can be found. This is a written account with a video … When packing for a Cuillin traverse, most people will be thinking about two things: Safety and weight. Cuillin Ridge Traverse Strategies, advice, detailed topo booklet and 10 classic scrambles by Adrian Trendall About the Author Adrian is a mountain guide and photographer living on Skye. Snap happy: A shiny new camera for my birthday! 2020 The Guided Cuillin Ridge Traverse involves maximum effort, a high level of stamina and definitely not for the faint hearted. Note 1: The book is for those who are confident and experienced enough with ropes, scrambling, navigation and the exposure of spending time in the Cuillin. Are you ready for the challenge? Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, There is also information on a winter traverse and this is something of a bonus for such a small guidebook. "Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse" by Adrian Trendall is most certainly one of … Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, but Dave my guide for the 3 days was outstanding. The detail of the ridge route is incredibly detailed. This attractive book is a welcome addition to the available literature on the Cuillin Traverse and other Skye scrambles Volume one, the bit you'd leave behind on a traverse, starts with general information covering traverse … The Black Cuillin are the most spectacular and challenging mountains in Britain. Climber, Mountain Leader, photographer and author of Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse, Adrian Trendall lives at the foot of the Cuillin and has made it his job to get to know the ridge intimately. →. Tel: 07803 970 425, Review: Osprey Sylva 12 women’s multi-sport rucksack, Everything I wish I had been told about menopause, a half traverse of the northern section of the Cuillin Ridge, Kit review: Outdoor Research Stormtracker Sensor gloves, Review: ISBJÖRN Husky baselayer range for kids. 845898), Privacy & Cookies Policy | Privacy Settings | Terms & Conditions | Competition Terms & Conditions | Complaints. Scroll down for my review after using the book on the ridge this summer. The Cuillin ridge is a tangled mass of rocks and pinnacles and so the very detailed and commonsense route descriptions are welcomed. All direct orders have the advantage of offering buyers the chance to visit Adrian on Skye and/or ask for any help or answers to questions not covered in the book. It’s advisable to take the lead of a guide for this … The Cuillin (Scottish Gaelic: An Cuilthionn or An Cuiltheann) is a range of rocky mountains located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.The main Cuillin ridge is also known as the Black Cuillin to distinguish it from … We … The book will be published by Cicerone in March and is priced at … Note 2: The ridge is generally completed in one or two days, either as TRIAD (the ridge in a day) or CREST (Cuillin Ridge Expedition Style Traverse). Mike Lates has been a mountain guide on Skye since 1995 and has completed more than fifty Traverses including a Greater Traverse and two … Cuillin Ridge Traverse Booked a Cuillin ridge Traverse with West Coast Mountain guides. Even if you do not end up doing a traverse, these detailed routes are well worth ticking off. Whether you have been to the Cuillin before, or you are new to these mountains, volume one is well worth a good read. There is then 12km of continuous scrambling mostly along a narrow crest with concentration required on every step. I mark these as such. Range: Black Cuillin, Isle of Skye, Scotland Mountain: Eleven Munro's are climbed on the full traverse, the highest being Sgurr Alasdair, 992m Route: A traverse of the full ridge often starts with … All this comes across in the way he writes and explains everything in the book. It’s a two-volume guide book with all the information required to complete the main ridge traverse on Skye’s Black Cuillin. I am a widely published journalist and also a multi award-winning blogger. This 2-volume set provides all the information required to complete the main ridge traverse on Skye's Black Cuillin. In volume two, which is a lightweight second guidebook, there are detailed maps, topos and route description for the ridge traverse itself. Click hereto find out more. There are not many books that leave you with a feeling of awe, that leave you inspired. An amazing challenge for lovers of narrow ridges and exciting climbs. This takes approximately 9-15 hours to complete in ideal weather conditions. G said: “The topos are very good and clear and Adrian has made an excellent job of photographing different sections of the ridge so you can see the exact way ahead and angle.”. As you’ll be predominantly walking (although with a rope) on tight rope edges, in possibly rain, wind and drizzle. Scene settingWide landscape photographs work alongside the Harvey Maps to show a visual representation of the ridge and the mountains, again including annotated advice and options, making the route-finding process more simple. This pocket-sized book packs a real punch. It … Buy for £13.99 at Amazon (I do receive a tiny commission for each sale, but then again I write my reviews for free so all you support is helpful.). The addition of photos with route lines drawn on them, plus the written descriptions, add extra information on where to go in terms of navigation and also, usefully, where NOT to go. Dual format The guide is actually two books housed in a PVC sleeve: one chunkier reference book to review at home, and a lightweight second book with detailed maps, topos and route descriptions to be taken on the ridge traverse itself. Fiona Outdoors receives free products for reviews from brands and companies, but I only accept products on condition of independence. In volume one there is a wealth of useful information about strategy, gear, training, navigation and logistics. For people who are experienced in the Cuilllin, it might seem like the information is way over the top. Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse Written by Skye-based guide Adrian Trendall, Cicerone's new guidebook to the Cuillin Ridge Traverse documents this classic mountaineering adventure to an impressive level of … The Cuillin Ridge, solo in a day To those who have been on it the Cuillin ridge needs no introduction, to those who have not then no amount or words or photos can do it justice, Along it's …

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