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Trying out the new LR CC, and have a approved Facebook Account /LRCC listed in Facebook under Apps. after coming out of sleep do the following. Hi. 0 Kudos Accepted Solutions Solution. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple time and it still does not appear. Add Microsoft Account to a local admin/user account on the PC and make sure the Sync … But two items, History and Open tabs, are currently grayed-out, with “Coming soon” notes. I searched in my contact list for contacts I k… when I go to Tools> Synchronize Database> Synchronize Now, the option is greyed out? My Facebook app for Android no longer has the option to sync contacts with my phone. By clicking on a device you can see that you now have actions you can perform against it, namely: Sync machine policy; Sync user policy; App evaluation cycle; When selecting an action, click Yes to initiate. However, after upgraded to the Creators Update, my files are not uploaded to office 365 and all related features are disabled. Choose Yes/OK to all messages about aborting the sync and restarting the service. It turns out I had a power saver mode on and that was causing the problem. For some reason it won't sync with my contacts. Close Handheld Contact. I open the Settings app and go to Accounts, and the Sync your settings option is greyed out and shows a message “some windows features are only available if you are using a Microsoft account or work account“. I rely on my Exchange and Google accounts for my contact list, but like when Facebook profile images and other missing data is filled in by Facebook. When in FreeSync mode, Low Input Lag is greyed out but On. This will take the monitor out of FreeSync mode. How do I get it back? Not sure if the sync is working 100%, but one of my users will give me feedback in the next couple days. Admins can change the User Account Control policies to allow OneDrive context menus. Facebook sync also lets me find friends who I don't have in my regular contact list. If anyone is getting gray facebook when doing "get friends" make sure in Settings->Accounts & Sync->Facebook that contact sync is enabled. Also I now can't delete this folders. “Sync” button greyed out on SharePoint library If the “Sync” option is not available for a library on SharePoint, it could be a couple different things. i have the same issue. for "Enable Mobile Apps" is grayed out. Message 1 of 2 (1,221 Views) Reply. Accepted by topic author TinaA … Next go into Nvidia Control Panel and enable G-Sync. I had to turn off power saving and the "sync now" turned on and it auto-synced. I figured out a work-around to get it working on domain accounts. Folder -> Right click -> live mesh options -> change sync settings -> This folder is being synchronized with this device in the following location. New Member In response to ArlingtonVA ‎07-07-2019 07:28 AM. Report Inappropriate Content. I recently transferred all my purchases and all my playlists to a new computer from my ipod using TouchCopy 09 program. The light blue folder on the desktop syncs with the cloud but NOT the folder that it is supposed to sync with on this computer. 5) Have you made any recent changes to the computer? Barry__B. I always setup my Exchange, Gmail, and Facebook accounts for syncing contact data on my various devices. Log Out of Both The Apps. Aside from that, Event Viewer contains no message connected to time synchronization. The 'Sync Now' should now be active. Then using the OSD, turn off Low Input Lag. The problem has been going on for a long time, as the last successful sync is shown to have happened 1 year ago. and if successful it will report back as completed. 1) Where are you trying to sync the Facebook picture? can't click on get friends since facebook is greyed out in contacts. We hope that now you were able to resolve the Sync settings greyed out issue and Sync your settings on Windows 10 computer. "If you now go into the Facebook settings on Android you will find that the Sync Now option is grayed out and no longer an option. If the Share option has been greyed out, or is missing from the right-click context menu, your organization's admins may have restricted the feature. I am having a problem with a model where after I sync, it doesn't automatically relinquish my owned elements. 3) What do you mean, when you say "Whenever I try to turn on this option ON, the button stays a few moments greyed-out and then returns to OFF position "? I recently updated to the new version of FB on my Curve. 2. It seems like this could change in the coming days, so I’ll keep my eye on it. VMConverter - Sync after "Final Sync" SwinBro Feb 8, 2017 10:29 AM I just converted a P2V and thought I unchecked "Perform Final Sync" but now the "Synchronized" is grayed out. I've seen this asked in the forum, but the situation didn't match mine (something to do with Android Auto, not applicable in my case). Still, when trying to "Send to Facebook" for a photo, the "Share" button/text remains frayed out. when I go into delete it asks if I want to delete and I click on it but it doesn't delete. I created a new folder but it is greyed out and when I try to put an email in it it creates another sub folder with part of the subject of the email in it. 2 Likes Reply. Since it is essential to link the Facebook and Instagram account, we … Usually, you can sync your iPhone with iTunes by connecting the iPhone to … Here are the steps in general: 1. Re-open the software again. Disable G-Sync in the Nvidia Control Panel. You’ll see the action report as pending. Thanks, Tina . The Time Service logs in Event Viewer are empty. Click on Maintenance and choose 'Restart Service'. Highlighted. 4) Which option are you referring to? Name: (item in box greyed out) Location: (item in box greyed out). I have a 2019 Escape with SYNC 3, LTE is connected for mobile hot spot. I've seen this on one of my coworkers machines before, but I could never figure out a solution. I have to manually relinquish my items after I sync. 2) Which option are you trying to turn ON? Cannot Sync with iPhone That Sync Button on iTunes Is Greyed out Files such as videos, music, contact list, calendars, etc stored on iPhone can by synced with iTunes on your computer. The slider/button/etc. Question: Q: "sync ipod" is grayed out. Note: Media and Form/InfoPath Libraries will not sync but you can still open them in Windows Explorer and pin to Quick Access so they will function as a mapped drive would. This was a really nice feature. Everything was successful. The 'Sync Now' button should still be greyed out. Sometimes a simple solution such as logging out will fix Facebook and Instagram issues. If you now go into the Facebook settings on Android you will find that the Sync Now option is grayed out and no longer an option. Clicking on "Sync now" on the Date & Time Settings produces an error "Time synchronization failed". I would love to have my contacts synced, anyone else have this problem and know the solution? deshark Member. If you are still having any doubts or questions regarding Windows 10 greyed out Sync settings or how do I Sync my settings in Windows 10 PC, do let us know using the comments section below. If I look at the Sync and Modify Settings, the option to relinquish stuff is grayed out. I purchased a song from the itunes store and it downloaded into the library. I searched in my contact list for contacts I know are only in Facebook and they no longer appear. MEMBER LOGIN: My "sync now" button was grayed out and it didn't sync for weeks. The "Connect your facebook account with, BB Calender application, BB Message application, and BB Contacts application" are all checked. To resolve the blurriness, etc.

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