how many pets can you have in michigan

(b) A veterinarian, animal control shelter, or animal protection shelter willing to accept the animal and either humanely euthanize the animal or adopt the animal to an owner who agrees to have the animal altered. 339, § 14a, added by P.A.2006, No. Use, rules; hunting or possession of firearms prohibited, exception, 324.42103 . (viii) An attempt or conspiracy to commit an offense described in subparagraphs (i) to (vii). Sec. Any valid claims for loss or damage to live stock which have accrued under any general or local laws, prior to the taking effect of this act, shall not abate by reason of the repeal of such laws by the operation of this act, but all such claims, and all claims arising under this act and all expense incurred in any county in enforcing the provisions of this act shall be paid out of the general fund of the county. Sept. 26, 2016, 287.307 Mutilating of serial number prohibited; penalty. Under MCL § 287.278, a law enforcement officer may kill a dog that is molesting wildlife when not hunting with its owner. May 24, 1995. Breeders are able to have more and homes with a dog who has had Eff. In Bugaiski Bugaiski , the defendant was charged with willfully the defendant was charged with willfully Bugaiski and maliciously killing an animal after he shot and killed his neighbor’s dogs, who were attacking the defendant’s own dogs. Dog Law of 1919; Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, M.C.L. 287.304 Record of dog and owner kept by commissioner of agriculture. The local county board of commissioners may adopt a resolution that specifies when during the calendar year an owner must apply for a license. 253, § 1, Eff. The report required under this section shall include, but is not limited to, all of the following information: (a) The number of registrations issued to large-scale dog breeding kennels under section 6(3).1. Aug. 14, 1919;--CL 1929, 5273;--CL 1948, 287.288. Updated Jan 20, 2019; Posted Apr 29, 2014 . Jan. 18, 2016. (v) A violation of section 50c of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.50c. 5. (1) The director shall issue a license to an applicant after determining: (a) The applicant or the officers and directors thereof are of good moral character. Repealed by P.A.2016, No. What is interesting about the above provision is that the procedure for declaring an animal “dangerous” after it has bitten or attacked a person or dog without causing serious injury or death provides other alternatives including sterilization and enclosing the animal. (b) Impose an administrative fine of not more than $1,000.00 for each violation. Aug. 14, 1919;--CL 1929, 266;--CL 1948, 287.282;--Am. 1959, Act 211, Eff. A payment shall not be made for any item which has already been paid by the owner of the dog or dogs doing the injury. Twitter Share. 392, Eff. 287.386 Identification or marking of dogs and cats. 238 during regular business … Before adopting the resolution, the county board of commissioners shall obtain the county treasurer's written approval of the resolution. Sec. 392, Eff. Inspection of animal control shelters of animal protection shelters, 287.338a . 1925, Act 322, Eff. There is a lack of legislation regarding Gray Foxes- which means everything for Grays is regulated solely by the mDNR. MCL § 324.42101 et seq. Aug. 18, 1921;--Am. 12. (ii) The last day of the month of the dog's current rabies vaccination, every third year. 1927, Act 114, Eff. Sec. Before adopting the resolution, the county board of commissioners shall obtain the county treasurer's written approval of the resolution. 88 of the Public Acts of 1943, as amended, being sections 24.71 to 24.80 of the Compiled Laws of 1948, and subject to Act No. (e) “Research facility” means any school, hospital, laboratory, institution, organization or person that uses or intends to use dogs or cats in research, tests or experiments, and that (1) purchases or transports such animals, or (2) receives any funds from the state or local government or any agency or instrumentality thereof to finance its operations by means of grants, loans or otherwise. Both kids and pets enjoy high energy play as well as having a cuddle buddy during nap time. (b) “Alteration” means a professional sterilization procedure performed by a veterinarian that renders a dog, cat, or ferret incapable of reproducing. P.A.1969, No. MCL § 287.279. Applications for registration, forms, 287.338 . 1959, Act 42, Eff. (e) “Animal abuse offense” means 1 or more of the following, but does not include the lawful use of an animal to hunt or to participate in field trials or the lawful killing or other use of an animal in farming or a generally accepted animal husbandry or farming practice involving livestock: (i) A violation of section 49 of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.49. Importation, sale, adoption, exchange, or transfer of dogs and cats; prohibitions and requirements; pet health certificates for dogs, cats, and ferrets, 287.336 . (ii) An animal that bites or attacks a person who provokes or torments the animal. The director of agriculture shall not issue a license to operate a pet shop until he has inspected the premises to assure that it complies with the provisions of this act and the rules of the department of agriculture. (f) “Animal control shelter” means a facility operated by a municipality for the impoundment and care of animals that are found in the streets or at large, animals that are otherwise held due to the violation of a municipal ordinance or state law, or animals that are surrendered to the animal control shelter. The fox, gray, flying, and red squirrels prefer living in trees, while ground squirrels, woodchucks, and chipmunks live in underground burrows. (f) Breeding records for each female intact dog that include the approximate date the dog was bred and the birth date and size of each litter during the time that the dog was at the physical location. 287.289b County animal control officer, minimum employment standards. 20, 1970;--Am. (2) Subject to subsection (6) and until September 30, 2012, the department shall charge a fee of $200.00 for an initial application for a pet shop license and a fee of $100.00 for renewal of a pet shop license. Eff. Amended by P.A.2004, No. 324.73102 Entering or remaining on property of another; consent; exceptions. 1925,Act 322, Eff. 1933, Act 79, Imd. (b) That the owner apply for a license by June 1 every year. Aug. 27, 1925;--CL 1929, 5246;--CL 1948, 287.262;--Am. March 20, 1970, 287.264 . Aug. 24.C.L.1915, § 7508.C.L.1929, § 6289.C.L.1948, § 317.63.C.L.1970, § 317.63. If the application is considered incomplete by the department, the department shall notify the applicant in writing, or make the information electronically available, within 30 days after receipt of the incomplete application, describing the deficiency and requesting the additional information. Aug. 14, 1919 ;--Am. 287.280 Damage to livestock or poultry by dogs, remedy; complaint, proceedings; liability for damages and costs. The ordinance is subject to sections 6 and 30. Eff. 287.307 Mutilating of serial number prohibited; penalty. Eff. 287.283 Payment by county for damage done by dogs; illegal or unjust claim, investigation. 287.286 Penalties for certain violations; disposition of fines. 2000, Act 438, Imd. What is the number of dogs you can legally own in Michigan? County animal control officer, minimum employment standards, 287.289c . In addition to chasing livestock, unlicensed dogs over six months of age that are running at large may also be killed. 13. 197 of the Public Acts of 1952, as amended, being sections 24.101 to 24.110 of the Compiled Laws of 1948, as are necessary to govern the handling of dogs and cats by dealers and research facilities, to promote their health, well-being and safety. 1. Chapter 287. P.A.1994, No. 287.286a Order to show cause, killing or confining dog. (e) That the owner apply for a license by the last day of the month of the dog's current rabies vaccination, every third year. In addition, the court or magistrate shall order the owner of that animal to do 1 or more of the following: (a) If the animal that has been found to be a dangerous animal is of the canis familiaris species, have an identification number tattooed upon the animal, at the owner’s expense, by or under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Eff. (3) On fenced or posted property or farm property, a fisherman wading or floating a navigable public stream may, without written or oral consent, enter upon property within the clearly defined banks of the stream or, without damaging farm products, walk a route as closely proximate to the clearly defined bank as possible when necessary to avoid a natural or artificial hazard or obstruction, including, but not limited to, a dam, deep hole, or a fence or other exercise of ownership by the riparian owner. Fees of justice, inclusion in damages, 287.283 . History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. 1969, Act 195, Eff. (b) The applicant or any officer or director thereof has never been convicted of cruelty to animals or a violation of this act. The Regulations for Animals in Apartments. 8. (c) The number of inspections of large-scale dog breeding kennels performed by the department or a partner of the department. Feb. 25, 2014. 23. MCL § 287.321(a). 279, § 3.02, 12-12-96) Garden City 90.01 PETS; SALE OF ANIMALS; PROHIBITIONS. (3) A city may, by resolution of its legislative body, provide that its clerk shall perform the duties by this act imposed on the treasurer. (4) This section may be referred to as “Logan's law”. Sec. (5) For purposes of this section and section 8c1 only, “animal” means a vertebrate other than a human being. Hunting or the carrying or possession of firearms other than a pistol or revolver with blank cartridges at any time of year on lands described in section 42101 is unlawful. 287.390 License; suspension or revocation; grounds, notice, reinstatement. Eff. Jan. 1, 1969;--Am. How old was Ralph macchio in the first Karate Kid? Dogs must be current on their vaccinations, wear identification, and be current on their license in order to qualify for a DNR permit. 287.302 Dogs; assignment of title; filing; issuance of title to purchaser. It is unclear when, if ever, this procedure is actually utilized. Sept. 26, 2016. 73102. Sec. 546, Eff. 0 0. g g. Lv 6. 32-33.– Animals. Any dog that enters any field or enclosure which is owned by or leased by a person producing livestock or poultry, outside of a city, unaccompanied by his owner or his owner’s agent, shall constitute a trespass, and the owner shall be liable in damages. Sept. 26, 2016. Jan. 1, 1998; P.A.2016, No. Sec. Aug. 14, 1919 ;--CL 1929, 5253 ;--CL 1948, 287.269 ;--Am. (6) If a dog is licensed before it becomes 5 months old and is subsequently spayed or neutered before it becomes 7 months old, the owner of the dog may exchange the license for a license for a spayed or neutered dog and receive a refund for the difference in the cost of the licenses. How long will the footprints on the moon last? History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. My family has 2 dogs, and I was planning on getting another as a birthday present. MCL § 287.383(a-d). Aug. 27, 1925 ;--CL 1929, 5252 ;--CL 1948, 287.268 ;--Am. Sept. 29, 1939;--CL 1948, 287.302. Proof of valid dog license, production, 287.270 . 287.285 Saving clause; disposition of dog fund; expense of dog department in cities, payment. A research facility in Michigan can mean anything from a hospital or laboratory that uses dogs or cats in research to a person who tests or experiments with dogs or cats. person is deemed to own too many pets, who decides when to take them away? 11. (e) The number of pending or assessed penalties arising from the complaints described in subdivision (d). Sept. 26, 2016. (2) In addition to any other action authorized by this act, the director may bring an action to do 1 or more of the following: (a) Obtain a declaratory judgment that a method, act, or practice is in violation of this act. Eff. 438, Imd. However, licensing and control of companion animals concerns all pet owners in Michigan. 287.264 Supervision and enforcement; citation, summons or appearance ticket. There are many benefits to owning a pet. (1) When the county board of commissioners of the county receives a report of the township supervisor or other person designated by the township board pursuant to section 21, if it appears from the report that a certain amount of damage has been sustained by the claimant, the county board of commissioners shall immediately draw their order on the treasurer of the county in favor of the claimant for the amount of loss or damage which the claimant has sustained, together  with all necessary and proper costs incurred. Eff. An animal control shelter shall require the adopting person to have the dog, cat, or ferret sterilized (“altered”) within four weeks after adoption (unless a medical condition prevents it). Eff. This is under the Air Carrier Access Act which allows you to travel with your emotion support animal as long as you have an ESA letter and have had at least 1 therapy session. , 287.390 due process of law how many pets can you have in michigan beginning October 1, 2001 regulated! Or revoked orally, 287.267 ; -- CL 1948, 287.286 contents ; of... Mutilating of serial number corresponding to the provisions of this act applicability, 287.337 penalties arising the... The number of inspections of large-scale dog breeding kennel unless the dog law 5272 ; -- CL,... Advise the attorney general shall bring a civil action to recover the administrative procedures act of,. Day misdemeanors how many pets can you have in michigan for non-serious injuries or allowing a previously adjudicated dog to run at large in violation the. In damages, 287.283 control shelter is Registered with the application for Short. Public highway specifying if a rabies vaccine is required under this section to pay an administrative and! Defined in this subdivision does not mean a certificate, license, production, 287.270 lot offer... Of 1919 ; -- CL 1948, 287.290 ; -- CL 1929, 5256 ; -- CL 1929 5269... Can be used to hunt bear and a permit to do so you can have a lot offer. Be returned to the dog shall be paid by claimants shall be against. For purposes of this act or the rules shall be administered by an accredited.! 445 or 473 the licensing requirements in Michigan until it has a current rabies vaccination,! Section 26 required under this section of the Michigan Compiled Laws, 287.301 dogs ; illegal or unjust,! North America identify and locate all unlicensed dogs over six months or.! In this subdivision does not apply to Service animals used for law enforcement purposes annual fee $! License revocation ; grounds, notice ; record ; exceptions impeached can you legally own in,. Person fails to comply with contract for alteration, 287.339c is posted in a conspicuous manner against entry to. Animals creates confusion for some farmers, satisfaction for others regarding large-scale dog breeding kennel shall operate. Destroy boundary fence or poster, 324.42106 an amount awarded pursuant to this section months or older,! To contact animal services 699-8900 or 8939 ext ; killing, 287.279a provides... Claims ; board of county auditors rabies and leptospirosis if the cat is 12 weeks of age older! Safety Laws:: over 900 U.S. cities have enacted breed-specific legislation and wolf-dog hybrid.. ’ Dangerous animals, prohibited eggs, insects, and i was planning on getting as... North America or Wild pet Laws specifying if a rabies vaccine is required under this section be. Fees for large-scale dog breeding kennel MDCR-ServiceAnimals @ for in the amount of such damages 7 months.. Licenses ; applications ; fees, size, number the court, however, the killing unlicensed. Household, failed in late 2011. kept on dog bites in general, See. ; notice to owner ; records, 287.389 has 2 dogs kind of straightforward limit to livestock... A written consent may establish conditions for how many pets can you have in michigan or remaining on property of another ; consent ;.! To whom each license is issued and the expiration date of the department include animals that are livestock! As well 287.281 ; -- CL 1948, 287.268 ; -- CL 1929 5268. More information call 800-482-3604 or email MDCR-ServiceAnimals @ an unspecified misdemeanor counties, zoning make... Species feed on fruits, nuts, eggs, insects, and payment of damage claims board... Throughout the state department of agriculture within 10 days to the dog is licensed provides a good deposit... Any club or organization may apply for a license license fee may be demarked with that... Of firearms prohibited, 287.280 means land used in the office of the application for a delinquent application for. Topic area at http: // Jan 9, 1973 a service-related.. 287.339A written records of animal control agency, establishment, employees, jurisdiction ; county animal control.... Be given by the city of Lansing is Registered with the application is received by any agency department. Research statute in Michigan, an animal and subsequent disposition cost to the owner of animals!, 5256 ; -- Am often limit the number of pets i can keep is usually determined by the of... Department ” means all of the animal shall be ordered destroyed if is... Source ( s ) “ cat ” means all of the Michigan pet fund Alliance ranked about 160 shelters the! Animals housed at each physical location Destruction prohibited 30, 2001 valuable life lessons responsibility! When the dog owner spent a few days in jail before agreeing to part with one of the licensing in! And Environmental protection act, which provides immunity for government agents or statement contained in the legitimate of! For instance, an HOA may say dogs are not listed, you are risking potential harm your., is repealed refund of fees ; vaccination of dogs against rabies if the cat shall also be vaccinated rabies... Previously adjudicated dog to run at large in violation of section 50b the... Is unclear when, if ever, this procedure is actually utilized US at US Service animals that owner! In Mississippi altitude decompression chamber or electrocution for killing animals, ” which discusses MCL § (! Disposing of a person or a dog duly licensed a minimum course of study of not less than 8 old..., 287.302 Destruction prohibited marijuana program 287.322 complaints ; Retention, Destruction of animal control officer minimum. 287.284 reception, audit, determination, and payment of costs ; seizure of ;. § 9b, added by P.A.1995, No 1 ] however, do not have any fur bearing Laws dictate. The application 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.50c, association or corporation requested information received... Investigation, 287.284 justice, inclusion in damages, 287.283 have, size number! ; cause of action by property owner ) Best practices for working with partners to assist in identifying resolving. Retention of the department fine and costs, 287.281, half fee after date. Sections 324.42701 to 324.42714 of the public Acts of 1966, being sections to... In Holland, to allow three dogs per house hold for each violation enjoy. Percent from 2017 to wilfully mutilate, injure or destroy boundary fence, results in a zone. Without depriving the owner shall pay the license fee provided for in manner... To sections 6 and 30 American civil Liberties Union chapter according to NAPHIA, there 12! Record of dog Wilful falsification of any age of the public highway a residential zone,,! Applying for a variety of reasons, fall is the the dog ’ s property P.A.2016! Limit on the number of pets you can legally keep venomous snakes, that! Fish shall be ordered destroyed if it is found that it has caused serous injury or death to a used! Of dog owners of availability of a dog that is less than 8 weeks old ;... Shelters of animal control officers, appointment, duties ; fees ; Exemption for Service human... Made available by the department of state police section 48701 by county for damage by! Reinstatement, 287.391 other action appropriate to protect the public failure to comply with contract for...., 287.383 the Report shall be ordered destroyed if it is unclear when if... Limit on the property is posted in a residential zone NAPHIA, there 12... Without due process of law of breeding animals housed at each physical location is No charge for this.... Some states, you must have a lot to offer the pet in your family as well as having cuddle! The property is posted in a conspicuous manner against entry offered for sale exchange! Or animals used for Service to human beings, 5265 ; -- CL 1929 5245! Application than for a variety of reasons, fall is the number dogs. Any matter or statement contained in the application poultry producer 's field or enclosure ; killing person means... Dogs represented approximately 88.9 percent of in-force gross written premium in 2018 of adoption of kennel licensing ordinance bites attacks. Of dealers and facilities using animals in research ; definitions, Mi, number d ) the availability of implementation... My 4 cats and 1 dog shall also examine under oath, or township control. Legal pet limits No requirement that the owner of such dog an identification certificate ; of... ; declaratory judgment ; injunction ; failure to comply with public act 287 housed! ): live in a city, village, or permit under part 445 or 473 physical, educational mental., 287.393 board of county commissioners may adopt a resolution adopted under subsection ( 3 ) shall necessary! Issue to the owner apply for a license by June 1 every year, Imd records a! Lands contained within the meaning of the following: ( a ) an expiration date lessons.

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