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The PAT makes up the primary criterion when shortlisting candidates for interview. I would advise getting to the point where you could comfortably talk about *anything* on the list to a friend. Learn the PAT syllabus comprehensively by going through all topics. Perfect exam technique to increase speed and efficiency on multiple choice questions. Learn the common mathematical tricks used to solve problems. Oxford PAT Preparation Classes This two-day course covers the topics that students need to know for the PAT, focusing on areas that would not normally be covered at school by the date of the exam. When you apply to Physics at Oxford, you must also register to sit the PAT, the Physics Admissions Test. Develop the mathematical and physical intuition needed to tackle tough questions. The PAT syllabus comes with the health warning “revised 24 February 2014” at the top. Oxford PAT: use this link for general information from Oxford University about the Oxford PAT, e.g. Check below to see if the subject you are applying for required the PAT: Why not take the challenge! Questions on: Show you can: Full details of the syllabus can be found on the Univers ity of Oxford Department of Physics website. The syllabus could contain some things you haven't done since GCSE, depending on your exam board. For details of the PAT test syllabus and past papers, see the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics website. Oxford University's Preparation Guide for the PAT is excellent, and please check any updates of the PAT Syllabus . You should be aware of the changes to the syllabus when you are going through the past paper, so that you don’t spend too much time looking at things that aren’t going to get asked in the actual test. Physics aptitude test – including mechanics, waves and optics, electricity and magnetism, natural world, mathematics and problem solving. The PAT is a pre-interview admissions test for physics courses at the University of Oxford. re-introducing multiple choice questions and use of calculators. You can read more about the topics covered in the test by viewing the PAT syllabus on the Department of Physics website, www.physics.ox.ac.uk, and ox.ac.uk/pat. The PAT is a 2-hour paper, with questions on Mathematics for Physics and Physics. PAT syllabus. The PAT is a two-hour paper which covers mathematics and physics with marks split equally between the two subjects. PAT results. See ox.ac.uk/pat for details. The use of approved calculators is permitted. The table below contains past papers and solutions, as well as general feedback on the admissions round for each year from 2010 onwards. Test results are not published automatically, but candidates may request their test score as part of the usual University of Oxford feedback process. PAT Exam 2021 - Physics Aptitude Test is a paper-based subject-specific admissions test for undergraduate degree courses in the all University of Oxford Engineering, Materials Science and Physics.Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is working in partnership with the University of Oxford to administer the PAT. The BPhO exists to encourage the study of physics and recognise excellence in young physicists through ten annual physics competitions.

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