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Do I need to book the huts or campsites on the Routeburn Track? To get from Queenstown to Glenorchy or the Routeburn Shelter, you will need to get on another bus. You have 25 minutes from now to complete the payment process. The Routeburn Track can be walked in either direction but most people will start at the Routeburn Shelter, near Glenorchy in the East, and finish at the Divide Shelter, just outside Milford and Te Anau in the West. Leaving Lake Mackenzie Hut, the track winds through grassy flats dotted with trees before coming to the spectacular Earland Falls (174m). The Routeburn Track is usually undertaken over 3 days/2 nights and can be hiked from either of two directions, one end starting at the Divide Shelter on the Milford Road, 85 km from Te Anau or our choice which was from the Routeburn Shelter, near Glenorchy, 85km from Queenstown. To view cookie details and how to opt-out, please see our Cookie Policy. Please note that Routeburn Track hut reservations must be made directly with the Department of Conservation. This make such a good use of time in many ways. While the Routeburn Track may be a shorter multi-day hike, it has some of the biggest scenery. Track your PAN/TAN Application Status. The Routeburn Track is a 32km traverse through New Zealand's Southern Alps that links Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Park. The day finishes in the comfortable Routeburn Falls Lodge. The Routeburn Track is a world-renowned, 32 km tramping track found in the South Island of New Zealand. A DOC ranger is in residence during the Great Walks season (late October to late April). Due to some extreme weather events in Fiordland, Routeburn track and a few other tracks have been affected with the recovery work in progress. Check out what other travelers say about New Zealand on TripAdvisor. The long climb to the Harris Saddle, the highest point of the track, is worth every step. The Routeburn track's origins are in historical Maori walking tracks used to walk between locales. You cannot buy food at any of the huts. The Routeburn Track can be walked in both directions. The Department of Conservation (DOC) huts are equipped with mattresses, flushing toilets, running water, cooking facilities with fuel and a conservation ranger. Reservations are required for all huts and campsites. Officially, Routeburn Track requires three to four days to finish, but everything depends on your level of fitness. Keep browsing if you're happy with this. Beautiful Lake Harris greets you with waters that will be either deep blue or slate grey, depending on the weather. One end of the track begins near Queenstown, where there are plentiful options for accommodation. Starting Points: The Routeburn is a one-way track that can be walked in either direction from the Divide (Milford Road) or Routeburn Shelter (30 minutes from Glenorchy). Entry to the track is at approximately 200m altitude, and the highest point is approximately 1255m at the Harris Saddle. This blog is all about the Routeburn Track day hike and how it can easily be accomplished from Queenstown, Glenorchy, or Milford Sound. Don’t worry; Info & Track have a range of hiking and tramping essentials available to hire here. We use cookies to provide you with a better experience on this site. Routeburn Track is partially open. Please be aware that Lake Howden Hut is currently closed due to damage from the bad weather in Feb 2020. This is a top day in the mountains. It's considered one of the best hiking routes in the world. The walk is not a circuit, so transport needs to be organised at either end. Check out Plan My Trip tool from Mountain Safety. The Routeburn Track traverses both Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks, part of the Southwest New Zealand World Heritage Area. Usually a two to three day trip, the hike is popular in summer and almost impassable during winter. This is a top day in the mountains. Meander through beautiful beech forest before sidling above the Routeburn Gorge. The track complements rather than competes with the Milford Track. There are a number of specialist tour operators who can aide you in bringing your walking experience to life. Great Walks campsites offer basic facilities including toilets, sinks and water supply. As the iconic Milford Sound is located just 45 minutes drive west of The Divide shelter, a scenic day cruise can easily be incorporated into your itinerary. Find out about the latest track conditions plus news & updates for the Routeburn track, the Greenstone & Caples tracks and the Rees-Dart track. Safety on the Routeburn Track Great Walks season: 2 November 2020 – 30 April 2021 The alpine sections of the Routeburn Track are not recommended for children under the age of 10, due to the exposed mountain environment and weather that can change very quickly. Our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy explain how we use your data and who our partners are. Don’t have the right gear? In the summer . Q. Q. A. Whatever time of year you choose to visit Routeburn Track in Queenstown, it’s always a good idea to reserve a package deal. A. Shuttles and buses are easy to book in advance. A second swing bridge takes walkers to open, grassy flats, before the track climbs steadily through more beech forest. Really it's whatever works with you. 3 nights accommodation on the Greenstone track - rooms are shared rooms only. From the top of the saddle, you are surrounded by mountains - the Darren Range, Mount Madeline (2537m) and Mount Tutoko (2746m), just to mention a few. Routeburn Track is quite popular among light trek runners who are able to finish the trek in one day without staying on the trail overnight, but we believe most … Until 7 December 2020, the section from Lake Mackenzie Hut to The Divide is closed due to significant storm damage. An overnight stay at Routeburn Flats, Routeburn Falls or Lake Howden The Routeburn keeps good company with the likes of the Milford Track and more than half a dozen others assigned Great Walk status for their scenic value. Choose from two start points (the Glenorchy start is shown on the map) with greater side-trip choices on route. The Routeburn Track Guided Walk is a 3 day/2 night all - inclusive guided walk through Fiordland and Mt Aspiring National Parks, from The Divide on the Milford Road to the Routeburn Shelter near Glenorchy. In addition to above, we use other cookies and analytics to provide a better site experience. when | Routeburn Track, Mt Aspiring/Fiordland National Parks. Routeburn Track Info & Bus Transport. It is recommended that you book in advance for this popular walk. Key Summit provides panoramic views over the Humboldt and Darran Mountains. The track then traverses down towards the Hollyford Valley, where Lake McKenzie becomes visible. Routeburn Track takes you on a type of short cut from Queenstown to Milford Sound winding through the mountains between both Mt Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks. Due to the limited numbers allowed in the huts and campsites, you are required to make a reservation during the ‘Great Walks’ season (from late October to April). START POINT: The track can be hiked in either direction; either from The Divide (85km from Te Anau) or The Routeburn Shelter (25km from … The Routeburn Track remains open during the winter but snowy conditions and avalanches are common requiring proper equipment and backcountry experience. Also, if you book your Routeburn Track vacation package in Queenstown with Travelocity, you’ll get access to our best travel discounts. From native beech forest to high mountain passes and shining alpine views, The Routeburn Track is a … A. The fee for this varies between each Great Walk. Day 1, Routeburn Shelter to Routeburn Falls Hut, 8.8km. If you want to do a Great Walk independently, you will need to book the DOC accommodation on the trails. Are there any other multi-day hikes we can do around this area? Please select type of application: Application Type: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER: N- (Please enter 15 digit numeric number) * Verify Status of Application : Please enter alphabets and digits only and Characters are Case Sensitive. The part of New Zealand that the Routeburn Track winds through has been shaped by successive glaciations into fiords, rocky coasts, towering cliffs, lakes and waterfalls. The usual walking season is during the summer months, for the 2019-20 summer the dates are from 28 October 2019 – 30 April 2020. A popular track, there is a capacity for 48 or 50 walkers at each night at the big huts, Routeburn Falls and Lake Mackenzie, booking is required. Click the link below for more information and detailed maps about this trail. The falls gives memorable views. We planned to get Info & Track back from the end of Caples back to the start, as it … The Routeburn Track huts have bunks, mattresses, gas, heating, toilets, basic cooking facilities, solar-powered lighting and cold running water. The Routeburn Track is exposed to adverse alpine conditions at any time of year, including heavy rain, snow, and wind. This can be done through the DOC website. From here, the track climbs steadily to the Key Summit Track turnoff. Walkers then head gradually downhill through silver beech forest to the divide on Milford Road. The day finishes in the comfortable Routeburn Falls Lodge. Food. A. Info & Track’s sister company, Nomad Safaris, offer a range of half and full-day guided walking tours in the Queenstown region and in Mt Aspiring National Park, including a half and full-day hike on the Routeburn Track. Regular bus services run to either end of the Routeburn Track (the Routeburn Shelter and The Divide Shelter) from Queenstown. Q. The New Zealand Department of Conservation classifies this track as a Great Walk and maintains four huts along the track: Routeburn Flats Hut, Routeburn … See our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to understand how you can manage cookies. From native beech forest to high mountain passes and shining alpine views, The Routeburn Track is a giant among New Zealand’s Great Walks. Home » Track Info » Routeburn Track Info & Bus Transport. All Services require a minimum of 2 passengers to confirm. Cross two more swing bridges & enjoy the huge views of the valley below before arriving at Routeburn Falls Hut. The Routeburn Track can also be walked from The Divide Shelter in the West, finishing at the Routeburn Shelter in the East. You can get a shuttle by Info & Track, or hire a car and use a car shuttle. Day 1: Routeburn Car Park to Routeburn Falls Hut. A. A 40ltr backpack - that will contain your belongings and you will carry with you. Thanks in advance! The Routeburn Track in New Zealand is most commonly hiked over a couple of days, but it is possible to see a great portion of the track on a day hike! The trail weaves through meadows, ice carved valleys, alpine lake shores, and forests all while presenting stunning views of the rugged snow capped mountain peaks. The huts do not provide cooking utensils or showers. Is there a bus service that operates between the Divide Shelter and Glenorchy or the Routeburn Shelter? Take a look at these businesses to find out if a walking tour is right for you. Day 3 is a pleasant walk out. 2 nights accommodation on the Routeburn Track. Al l in the company of experienced guides. This makes the track truly awesome, and if you create your travel plans (accommodation, transport, hire gear) with this in mind you can see and do more with less driving time. For the recent updates on the walking tracks in Fiordland, please visit the Department of Conservation website(opens in new window). The Routeburn Track is a 3 day (two night) walk with four comfortable well-equipped huts (Routeburn Flats Hut, Routeburn Falls Hut, Lake Mackenzie Hut and Lake Howden Hut) and two campsites (Routeburn Flats and Lake Mackenzie). Q. How long is the walk between each hut on the Routeburn Track? Grade: Easy tramping track – well-formed with gradual climbs. Due to some extreme weather events in Fiordland, Routeburn track and a few other tracks have been affected with the recovery work in progress. Grand Traverse Guided Walk with Ultimate Hikes, Routeburn Track Guided Walk with Ultimate Hikes. During off peak season (May to September), fuel, running water and rangers are not present. Heavy, persistent rain is a common feature of Fiordland, and the exceptional views for which this track is renowned are by no means guaranteed. For more information, please refer to Routeburn Track guided walks. The more conservative members of New Zealand’s tramping commu­nity oppose any new additions to the network of existing tracks. The track then continues on a gradual descent to the Lake Howden Hut, the perfect place to stop for lunch. With soaring mountain peaks, huge valleys, waterfalls and jewel-like lakes the track links the Mount Aspiring National Park with Fiordland National Park.The highest point of the track is 1,255 metres above sea level - so the views are simply spectacular. Let us show you the best of New Zealand on other platforms by selecting 'On' and allowing us to share data from your visit(s) with our partners. This is not a loop track and can be walked in either direction; one track end is at the Routeburn Shelter (near Glenorchy) and the other is at The Divide (closer to Te Anau). See our Routeburn Track loop & Milford Sound Package for more information. Routeburn Track loop & Milford Sound Package, BOOK NOW"],["Queenstown","Glenorchy","8:00am","11:45am","4:00pm","$25 \/ $20",", BOOK NOW"],["Routeburn Shelter","Glenorchy","9:45am","2:15pm","5:30pm","$25 \/ $20",", BOOK NOW"],["Routeburn Shelter","Queenstown","9:45am","2:15pm","5:30pm","$47 \/ $35",", BOOK NOW"],["Routeburn Shelter","Queenstown Airport*","9:45am","2:15pm","5:30pm","$77 \/ $65",", ENQUIRE "],["Glenorchy","Routeburn Shelter","9:00am","12:45pm","5:00pm","$25 \/ $20",", BOOK NOW"],["Glenorchy","Queenstown","10:15am","3:00pm","6:00pm","$25 \/ $20",", BOOK NOW"],["The Divide","Queenstown","10:10am","3:15pm","-","$84 \/ $62",", BOOK NOW"]],[{"row":0,"col":0,"visualRow":0,"visualCol":0,"prop":0,"borders":{"className":"border_row0col0","border":{"width":1,"color":"#000","cornerVisible":false},"row":0,"col":0,"top":{"hide":true},"right":{"hide":true},"bottom":{"hide":true},"left":{"hide":true}}},{"row":0,"col":1,"visualRow":0,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":0,"col":2,"visualRow":0,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":0,"col":3,"visualRow":0,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":0,"col":4,"visualRow":0,"visualCol":4,"prop":4},{"row":0,"col":5,"visualRow":0,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":0,"col":6,"visualRow":0,"visualCol":6,"prop":6},{"row":1,"col":0,"visualRow":1,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":1,"col":1,"visualRow":1,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":1,"col":2,"visualRow":1,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":1,"col":3,"visualRow":1,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":1,"col":4,"visualRow":1,"visualCol":4,"prop":4},{"row":1,"col":5,"visualRow":1,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":1,"col":6,"visualRow":1,"visualCol":6,"prop":6},{"row":2,"col":0,"visualRow":2,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":2,"col":1,"visualRow":2,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":2,"col":2,"visualRow":2,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":2,"col":3,"visualRow":2,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":2,"col":4,"visualRow":2,"visualCol":4,"prop":4,"className":"htLeft"},{"row":2,"col":5,"visualRow":2,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":2,"col":6,"visualRow":2,"visualCol":6,"prop":6},{"row":3,"col":0,"visualRow":3,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":3,"col":1,"visualRow":3,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":3,"col":2,"visualRow":3,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":3,"col":3,"visualRow":3,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":3,"col":4,"visualRow":3,"visualCol":4,"prop":4},{"row":3,"col":5,"visualRow":3,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":3,"col":6,"visualRow":3,"visualCol":6,"prop":6},{"row":4,"col":0,"visualRow":4,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":4,"col":1,"visualRow":4,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":4,"col":2,"visualRow":4,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":4,"col":3,"visualRow":4,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":4,"col":4,"visualRow":4,"visualCol":4,"prop":4},{"row":4,"col":5,"visualRow":4,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":4,"col":6,"visualRow":4,"visualCol":6,"prop":6},{"row":5,"col":0,"visualRow":5,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":5,"col":1,"visualRow":5,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":5,"col":2,"visualRow":5,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":5,"col":3,"visualRow":5,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":5,"col":4,"visualRow":5,"visualCol":4,"prop":4},{"row":5,"col":5,"visualRow":5,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":5,"col":6,"visualRow":5,"visualCol":6,"prop":6,"className":"htLeft"},{"row":6,"col":0,"visualRow":6,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":6,"col":1,"visualRow":6,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":6,"col":2,"visualRow":6,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":6,"col":3,"visualRow":6,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":6,"col":4,"visualRow":6,"visualCol":4,"prop":4},{"row":6,"col":5,"visualRow":6,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":6,"col":6,"visualRow":6,"visualCol":6,"prop":6},{"row":7,"col":0,"visualRow":7,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":7,"col":1,"visualRow":7,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":7,"col":2,"visualRow":7,"visualCol":2,"prop":2},{"row":7,"col":3,"visualRow":7,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":7,"col":4,"visualRow":7,"visualCol":4,"prop":4},{"row":7,"col":5,"visualRow":7,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":7,"col":6,"visualRow":7,"visualCol":6,"prop":6},{"row":8,"col":0,"visualRow":8,"visualCol":0,"prop":0},{"row":8,"col":1,"visualRow":8,"visualCol":1,"prop":1},{"row":8,"col":2,"visualRow":8,"visualCol":2,"prop":2,"className":"htCenter"},{"row":8,"col":3,"visualRow":8,"visualCol":3,"prop":3},{"row":8,"col":4,"visualRow":8,"visualCol":4,"prop":4,"className":"htCenter"},{"row":8,"col":5,"visualRow":8,"visualCol":5,"prop":5},{"row":8,"col":6,"visualRow":8,"visualCol":6,"prop":6}],[{"row":0,"col":0,"top":{"hide":true},"right":{"hide":true},"bottom":{"hide":true},"left":{"hide":true},"border":{"width":1,"color":"#000","cornerVisible":false}}],[]], Greenstone Caples Track Info & Bus Transport. Once through the bush walkers arrive at Lake Mackenzie hut. There are four public huts and two campsites on the track (run by the Department of Conservation, as outlined in the suggested itinerary above) as well as two private lodges, run by Ultimate Hikes. - There are 3 of us, and we're renting a car - We can start from either end - or even combine part of the Greenstone/Caples track if there's any way to make us finish somewhere nearer to our starting point. INFO AT A GLANCE: THE ROUTEBURN TRACK. Highlights: The Routeburn Track is a Great Walk for a reason: as well as unbeatable scenery the track offers a high standard of facilities and is well-maintained, making it ideal for all levels of hiker. Day 2 is the highlight of the Routeburn Track giving incredible views of mountains right out to the sea. DISTANCE: 32km. At 32-kilometres in length, this Great Walk is traditionally walked over three days although many trampers will choose to do it in two. The drive here is half the thrill - fantastic scenery along the lake to Glenorchy, then 2 river crossings, and finally, the increasingly narrow gravel track to the carpark. Q. The Routeburn Track is a classic New Zealand multi day hike and traveller reviews show that people love it! This special designation means it has better facilities and more established trails—also with higher fees to … Take the opportunity to climb Conical Hill for the cream of these views. Name of the huts: Routeburn Flats Hut, Routeburn Falls Hut, Lake Mackenzie Hut. Over 2 weeks we did day day walks of most of Southland's great walks (Routeburn, Kepler, MIlford) and this was the best of the lot. It was damaged in a storm in early 2020. All meals, and snacks on track. A. What facilities are in the Routeburn Track huts/campsites? We are planning to do the Routeburn Track in May and looking for the CHEAPEST option to get to to/from the track. Voted one of the World’s “Top Ten Classic Hikes” by Lonely Planet, the Routeburn Track is a hiking experience not to be missed. Day 3 is a pleasant walk out. It is recommended that this track is avoided between May - September, when there is high risk of avalanches. Please check out Greenstone Caples Track Info & Bus Transport, Rees-Dart Track Info & Bus Transport. As the latest bus from Queenstown to Glenorchy/Routeburn Shelter leaves at 12.15 pm, you would also need to spend a night in Queenstown. For the recent updates on the walking tracks in Fiordland, please visit the Department of Conservation website This morning's walk climbs steadily to the outlet of the river at Lake Harris - don't forget to occasionally stop and look behind you for great views of the Routeburn Valley. Day 2 is the highlight of the Routeburn Track giving incredible views of mountains right out to the sea. After a long drive from Queenstown, we arrived mid-morning at the Routeburn Track car Park. The Kepler Track, opened in 1988 to divert some of the Routeburn-bound trampers (see New Zealand Geo­graphic, Issue 1), is today almost as busy. Birdlife is prolific through forested sections of the track; native tomtits, robins, fantails, wood pigeons and bellbirds are commonly seen, as well as the cheeky Kea, the world's only alpine parrot. On average hikers complete it in three days. With soaring mountain peaks, huge valleys, waterfalls and jewel-like lakes, this track links the Mount Aspiring National Park with Fiordland National Park. pokemesh is now available for android devices. Play Video. Day 2, Routeburn Falls Hut to Lake McKenzie Hut, 11.3km. The Milford Track will be closed for "at least three weeks", says DOC, adding that early assessments show "significant damage" to that track as well. Private rooms are available on this section. It is possible to get on a 4:30 pm bus from Queenstown, however, minimum numbers do apply to this service, please contact us for more information. Weather forecast for Routeburn Track (New Zealand (general)), with all weather data such as: Temperature, Felt temperature, Atmospheric pressure, Relative humidity, Wind speed, Wind gusts, Isotherm, Precipitation, Cloud cover and Heat index - So your hikes won’t be consecutive. Look carefully and you may even spot an endangered species of bird, such as the “Mohua” (Yellowhead). The Routeburn Track trailheads are quite far from each other if you’re driving, so what you’ll do is the hike in from one side one day, and when you make it towards the other end on your New Zealand trip, you can hike it from the other end. While the track is repaired, you can only do a return walk from Routeburn Shelter and go as far as Lake Mackenzie Hut. The Routeburn keeps good company with the likes of the Milford Track and more than half a dozen others assigned Great Walk status for their scenic value. The saddle has many other pretty little tarns hidden in its folds. Our walks include. We also use cookies to show you the best of New Zealand on other platforms. Your accommodation is now ‘reserved’ but is not confirmed until you complete the payment process. However we recommend beginning the walk at The Divide and walking from south to north, finishing at the Routeburn Shelter, as there is less uphill in this direction and the logistics work really well for the best … The track may be walked in either direction: either from The Divide to Routeburn … Distance from Queenstown to Routeburn Shelter: 68km. Take the opportunity to climb Conical Hill for the cream of these views. Day 3, Lake McKenzie Hut to The Divide, 12km. Transport ex Queenstown. The Routeburn Track showcases some of the best scenery in New Zealand - mountains, glaciers, stunning lakes, incredible forests and some of New Zealand’s rarest birdlife. New Zealand's second most popular Great Walk, the Routeburn Track is a moderately difficult high-mountain traverse that links Fiordland and Mount Aspiring national parks. From the carpark, cross a swing bridge to begin the track itself. Check Availability. The Routeburn Track can also be linked to the Greenstone and Caples track for … Some also have picnic tables and cooking shelters. A. Supermarkets in Te Anau or Queenstown will be able to supply all your food requirements. You can buy hut tickets and make reservations at DOC visitor centres nationwide, or through their online booking service(opens in new window). A detailed breakdown of the walking distances between each hut can be found on the Routeburn Track Map above. All buses from Milford, the Divide and Te Anau terminate in Queenstown. Itinerary Our goal is simple. DURATION: Flexible. The track can be done in either direction, starting on the Queenstown side of the Southern Alps, at the northern end of Lake Wakatipu or on the Te Anau side, at the Divide, several kilometres from the Homer Tunnel to Milford Sound. As it is a Great Walk, the trails are well maintained and the huts are of a very good standard. Note: Lake Howden Hut is permanently closed. Great Walks campsites can only be accessed by walking there and are not accessible by vehicle. Weather in Routeburn Track (New Zealand (general)), . For vehicle relocation and full independent hiking packages (including food and equipment), you can contact EasyHike and Trackhopper. This special designation means it has better facilities and more established trails—also with higher fees to … The other end of the track is closer to Te Anau, where you'll also find plenty of accommodation options. However in our opinion the best way to walk the Routeburn Track in 2 days is to start at the Divide (Milford/Te Anau side) and walk towards the Routeburn Shelter side near Queenstown. THE BEST 2 DAY ROUTEBURN TRACK PLAN. Travel the length of Milford Sound on a two-hour nature cruise then return to Queenstown by bus the same evening.

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