the principles of community inclusion are:

We affirm that each member of the campus community is expected to work in accord with these principles and to make individual efforts to enhance the quality of campus life for all. Community: Work with local grocery stores and convenience stores to help them increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables they carry. Institute for Community Inclusion UMass Boston - 100 Morrissey Boulevard - Boston, Massachusetts 02125 Children's Hospital - 300 Longwood Avenue - Boston, Massachusetts 02115 617.287.4300 - 617.287.4350 (TTY) - 617.287.4352 (fax) - appropriate community . In 2019, a Community-of-Practice (CoP) of South Australian schools explored the Principles of Inclusion over three CoP sessions. Inclusion, however, is not a term that everyone is familiar with. responsibilities towards the community and society. ‣ Are there groups that are excluded from accessing services and resources you provide, from decision making ‣ are there inherent barriers at your workplace or community? participation options and services according to the person’s needs 1D Recognise and accommodate the cultural . From a social or community-based perspective, inclusion is best defined as actions taken to make sure that everyone is equally valued and has equal access to resources. It is intended as a conversation starter … and religious needs of the person with disability. To have true community inclusion, the individual needs to be participating and accepted by the other individuals. 4 It's basically a way to put everyone in a community on a level playing field, regardless of what it is that makes them different from their peers. Interpersonal relationships: Create walking clubs and work with community groups to introduce healthy menus and cooking methods. Becoming a part of any community takes time and effort. Linking Social Inclusion to field When reflecting on how you will be more inclusive in practice, think of the social inclusion principles mentioned previously. 4 Chapter One: A Vision for an Inclusive Society ... development and human rights,2 and further embodies social inclusion principles as well as the The UC San Diego Principles of Community is a collaboratively developed statement, issued by the chancellor, that provides a framework for diversity and affirms the unique contribution of each member of the UC San Diego community. They reflect our passion for critical inquiry, debate, discovery and innovation, and our deep commitment to contributing to a better world. participation and social inclusion. Individuals will have to learn practices of the community and have to get accustomed to new things and people. The Principles of Community is an aspirational statement that embodies this commitment and reflects the ideals we seek to uphold. The “Principles of Community” statement was developed by the Chancellor’s Advisory Group on Diversity, since renamed the UCLA Council on Diversity & Inclusion, which is comprised of representatives from administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Promote community gardening groups. Identify opportunities for community . It is based on best practice and research as well as feedback from organisations participating in the NDS Community Inclusion Initiative. Therefore, we adopt and practice the following principles as fundamental to our ongoing efforts to increase access and inclusion and to create a community that nurtures learning and growth for all of its members. Principles of Community These principles of community for the University of California, Berkeley, are rooted in our mission of teaching, research and public service. services and community participation to increase community inclusion for people with disability. JFA Purple Orange designed and facilitated activities with the school delegates of the CoP to prompt reflection, discussion and problem-solving using the Principles of Inclusion.

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