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0000189474 00000 n - Factory Mutual - N.F.P.A. 496 0 obj<> endobj Types of Fire Extinguishers Based on Fire Classes. The 5 Classes of Fire Extinguishers. %%EOF Contact Facilities Management to obtain a 4A:60B:C extinguisher. Unless you know what is burning, you won't know what type of fire extinguisher to use. There are basically five different types of fire extinguishers: Class A, B, C, D, and K. Each of them is suitable to put out different types of fires. 24 17 0000004787 00000 n Fire extinguishers can be an effective tool, but only when you select the correct type for your needs; install them in the most effective locations; and learn the proper way to use them. In stored pressure units, the expellant is stored in the same chamber as the firefighting agent itself. Most fire extinguishers will have a picture label telling you which types of fires the extinguisher is designed to fight. Fire Extinguisher Types (cont.) Download Free MEP Calculation Excel Sheets, AutoCAD Drawings, and Training Courses for HVAC, Firefighting, Plumbing and Electrical Systems Design. 4 Class A-Wood, paper, cloth, trash, plastics: Solid combustible materials that are not metals. The most common types of extinguishers are: Water- solid red Suitable for Class A fires. Today’s most widely used type of fire extinguisher is the multipurpose dry chemical that is effective on Class A, B and C fires. For example, a simple water extinguisher might have a label like this: Which means it should only be used for Class A fires. Class A fire extinguishers are used for ordinary combustibles, such as paper, wood, cloth, and some types of plastic. x�bbrg`b``Ń3� ���ţ�1\� � ��� 0000001508 00000 n Put fire extinguishers close to where they might be needed. Halon 1211 8-18 seconds discharge time. Below is an overview of each type of fire extinguisher including its … 0000002592 00000 n 0000002696 00000 n Fire Extinguisher Types (Free PDF Download) Fire Extinguisher Types (Free PDF Download) Which Fire Extinguisher Do I Need? Fire Extinguisher Classes and Suitability. Dry Chemical. To select the appropriate type of fire extinguishers you require, please click on the PDF link under the image to the left to view the complete fire extinguisher selection guide. Two courses introducing the types of fire extinguishers, classes of fire and fire triangle. FIRE EXTINGUISHER LOCATION AND PLACEMENT CONTINUED This material contains some basic information about NFPA® 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers.It identifies some of the requirements in these documents as of the date of publication. 24 0 obj <> endobj 0000164924 00000 n •Class “A”, “B”, or “C” fires. Fire extinguishers have not changed much in the past 100 years. Fire Extinguisher Colour Coding UK. Product and Company Identification ... Use extinguishing agent suitable for type of surrounding fire. 0000000016 00000 n natural for a person to use the extinguisher located nearest to a fire. of the cylinder. •Halon is no longer manufactured. Class C fire extinguishers. 0000003057 00000 n Fire Extinguisher Selection Chart as recommended by U.L. 40 0 obj<>stream 0000002473 00000 n Class A extinguishers should be located in areas where paper, wood, and other ordinary combusti-bles are used. 0 0000001813 00000 n 0000004475 00000 n H�|PyPw����X�,�,��":8E@�ZQ,P�4a*���K��� �Z�* �ʡT`T��-�"%T� �"D�#�:u�~�iC�gg��x���|�{��Xa8�/ ����rX��)��䕡ʸ��zv���8�؆w��ߍ�fff�w0��P�..�� X#Ƭp��as�A�>-�,_�y���sɱJ.�F�L�pI�d��d�L�T�r���u ��(�i���a��Բ���(5��e�B����6N��d�Z��0�� A Trash Wood Paper B Liquids Grease C Electrical Equipment A Trash Wood Paper B Liquids Grease C Electrical Equipment. It is a chemical reaction involving fuel, This agent also works by creating a barrier between the oxygen element and the fuel element on Class A fires. %PDF-1.4 %���� ��w�٭+^n�N����O�dI�Eiâ�c�&`A� 0000002210 00000 n �V��Bg�e�Sb�$Tqrߨ�x�cU�� M�������0Ҫ/(���U�X�c�V��J��ߡj�Ǫߕ]��ju:�����W?��?hL(� COb�ў ٘�"����m7��R��X�����t�ԋB���N�Za��p��;��7ku��C� '�zR��bU{t#/s�v����o����^��Ir8JXp�6C��r!M��T �n]�����G5�F �l?�վN� �8��֧S�# xref N��)��2u�6�[�m�������,�b%X;��Ň�b����[�. To get an overview of what state fire codes are based on and if states have made enhancements to fire codes visit the Interactive Fire Safety Map. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers. •9-17 lb. All fire extinguishers must comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1841.1:2007 - Portable fire extinguishers - General requirements. Can cause shock hazard on class C fires Can cause liquids in class B fires to spread Effective on class A fires. Class D fire extinguishers. It is able to do this by forming a thick layer on the fat or oil, turning it into a soap like substance. Types of fire extinguishers. 0000000636 00000 n 0 •You don't have the proper fire extinguisher. Protection of firefighters Specific hazards arising from the chemical ... \\tfbpfileserver\msdgen\archives\canada\default\00166702.pdf trailer A common type is the A-B-C extinguisher, which is for use in fighting Class A, B, and C fires. Class B fire extinguishers. pp.19 54 FPA Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide �:P8zz�EL4���.�E�Ҿ܅g���0#��x�v�F�?#m��K8�+�"�Y�8������u��cMS&!p����fn;4��կV��,byK�,&r����8���Ɇh�6x�-v���#? The fire extinguisher for a Class C fire should be based on the amount of the Class A or Class B component. endstream endobj 502 0 obj<> endobj 503 0 obj<> endobj 504 0 obj<> endobj 505 0 obj<>stream x�b```f``g`a`�gd@ AV da�haxx�mS4C��t�59�f֏�Q �����, k�]pҧ�&�E�hq���O��Y.�]W��L���Yf�1mM�5?� ��u'���4� \�c���W0�ob�ʁ�e��n?����:���O��2�����F�b�\�T)�o+N%/�`tq� Y�(((X�vsZZ���������+ ��Ҍ`%��&��H�QHI��hn.�� ��] ��@,6SZ%@���&�Z0�0e��1t1Mڶށ��[{c&Cj��#C/[c�t5�/�����,'�&����+�n��@��}����|k vg`�3Ҭ�R- B�i This extinguisher removes the chemical reaction of a fire, and is the most used of all … Foam agents… Fire Extinguisher Training Notes PDF. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher. For extinguisher use on a Class D fire, the relative effectiveness is detailed on the extinguisher nameplate for the specific combustible metal fire for which it is recommended. A fire extinguisher is one of the most important aspects of your fire safety plan, and fire safety regulations suggest that every commercial building should have at least two ‘Class A’ fire extinguishers on every floor. Class B extinguishers should be located Works by cooling the fire and coating the fuel. type of fire extinguisher on the wrong type of fuel, you can, in fact, make matters worse. �j7t���Sm?�����['��� 0000000840 00000 n Thus, it is essential that Australian companies have the right type of fire extinguisher installed in their workplace. •Range 9-16 ft. •Fumes toxic if inhaled. 0000002133 00000 n The numerical rating for this class of fire extinguisher refers to the amount of water the fire extinguisher holds and the amount of fire it will extinguish until it is fully discharged.. Every state has a State Fire Code with a section on fire extinguisher requirements. 0000002056 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 0000144735 00000 n A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (CO2) is one of the cleanest … There are three general classes of residential fire extinguishers. Foam extinguishers are identifiable by the word ‘foam’ printed within a cream … 0�������,��0 Xk�讉'k�J=Xk��b]S�&Td�xE˺xmڣțl��������EE\�K�ؤ��ȦG�)��?�e� �� %PDF-1.4 %���� 2.0 DEFINITIONS 2.1 Fire: Fire is the rapid oxidation of any combustible material. CLASSES OF FIRE, TYPES OF PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, INSPECTION & MAINTENANCE OF FIRE EXTINGUISHERS IN UNIVERSITY BUILDINGS 1.0 PURPOSE 1.1 To provide an overview of fire extinguisher use and maintenance. trailer Use the correct fire extinguisher type to fight the fire. 0000005900 00000 n 0000001069 00000 n Foam extinguishers create a foam barrier preventing the fuel from coming in contact with oxygen. There are two main types of fire extinguishers: stored-pressure and cartridge-operated. Class K fire extinguishers. Fire Extinguisher Types (cont.) Each type of fire extinguisher is suitable for different types of burning media and will have a fire rating based on the volume of fire that they are capable of extinguishing. 498 0 obj<>stream "ABC" fire extinguishers are filled with a … Let’s see them one by one: Class A. Only use a fire extinguisher when the fire is in its early stages •You don't know what is burning. endstream endobj 510 0 obj<>/W[1 1 1]/Type/XRef/Index[83 413]>>stream The minimum standard for fire extinguishers on campus is 4A:60B:C. This type of extinguisher is designed for use on ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and energized electrical fires of moderate to high intensity. Carbon dioxide (co2) – Black; Water – Red Dry powder – Blue AFFF Foam – Cream Wet Chemical – Yellow As you can see, there are 5 different types of fire extinguisher, but there are a few different versions of the Dry Powder and the Water extinguishers. 496 15 GUIDELINE 5. startxref Dry Chemical Extinguishers come in a variety of types. Remember, if you feel that you cannot safely extinguish the fire using the portable extinguisher available and if you have not already done so, pull the fire alarm, evacuate the area, and then call the fire department. suitable for more than one type of fire. H��W[s��~ׯ�l�0Ms͛���IU�ٲR�0���DV�Ȏ�}έ]�����s��wN�-������(˲T-}/3Y��(�� VixY��r�j��|O�� ����+�����"~�����dS{ ��6��ѻ��h��o�֠*S��3�'��(�!T� ��8PE���Vk��]�������n� In Australia there are mainly 6 types of fire extinguishers which can be installed in company premises. 0000008569 00000 n #��xi&�% ���kiEmוŠ�������znr66�&���x2��� Uq��y��BNZ�Ǿ\��"�2��O�Ĭ���T��fBv/��`�,YY��K�1���i1M�Ӡ�ϴҕ�׋�9�x�s5�gLpyfVi�xQ:W�Z��%�ti*U��U�.S�肫Ʃ_ˎ�NU�����"�іMů��_�8~�: �|�1�N��W"*w���%+7f��,6���!9].�U�4���%��ɋY�[ N��:?av�|���]������DU۔Xmu�8p�瀰�8�oP�m�u�_ �� �`4t��pw��*���c��8��8��p�y/G�n�ҁ��,7��#�`M�ۼj ��Nn\����F�*d����Dƞ&�$�T>�!D~�7۲k�� Table 9 Identifying the Correct Extinguisher to use on Different Types of Fire Source: FPA Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide 54 53 AS 2444, 2001, Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets — Selection and location. startxref CO2 extinguishers are predominantly used for electrical fire … <]>> 0000002713 00000 n The wrong type of extinguisher can be dangerous or life -threatening. <]>> 0000007457 00000 n Fire involving energised electrical equipment E.g. �� 1� HALON. Using the wrong extinguisher could result in increasing the fire and endangering of yourself and other members of your household. 0000001777 00000 n Kidde Pro Series rechargeable fire extinguisher comes equipped with a stainless steel cylinder, a tough metal handle and is fitted with a pressure gauge that provides at-a-glance status Suitable for use on Class A (trash, wood and paper), Class B (liquids and gases) … 0000001653 00000 n xref ABC Fire Extinguisher Issue Date: 04-13-2011 1. These are according to different types of fire. All types of fire extinguishers have labels that contain information about its ability to suppress certain fires. Water and Foam fire extinguishers extinguish the fire by taking away the heat element of the fire triangle. A large, heavy cylinder of compressed gas filled with a messy powder is an antiquated way to put out a fire. endstream endobj 25 0 obj<> endobj 26 0 obj<> endobj 27 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 28 0 obj<> endobj 29 0 obj<> endobj 30 0 obj[/ICCBased 35 0 R] endobj 31 0 obj<> endobj 32 0 obj<> endobj 33 0 obj<> endobj 34 0 obj<>stream Types of Extinguishers (cont) Water/Foam. 0000002244 00000 n Ordinary dry chemical is for Class B & C fires only. H��@E���.u3�A����ÂDC��T�����_o�Ȧ��mN�.�[7����h1�u��9&I�gO�ۚ��ʆ�91 ��DDzh��lz�eO��aE% �[���pa��́�Obs#/�-yDCS�L��E�/����� Class A fire extinguishers. %%EOF Select the correct fire extinguisher for your needs By Robb Slawski Choose the right extinguisher for your situation. Element uses a tested and proven technology, created for the space program, that fights fires on the molecular level. This type of fire extinguisher is especially designed for fat and oil fires (Class F), Muster’s 7.0 Litre Wet Chemical extinguisher uses saponification agents to quickly kill the fire and stop re-ignition. endstream endobj 506 0 obj<>stream H�T�Mo� ����9n�*U�@�l��C?�����hI*ă��|�mz�yf�Wz�{�=�77�3z�Q�yuኣ6PV����.�rhh>o�ǩ7����68�W��i3��R~|��y��'4 �K�uS��ӗgj���S���jA�_���Jtf '��Lv�.�|ߟ�Z�. switchboards, photocopiers, computers etc. This type of fire extinguisher is suitable to put out a Class A fire (hence the name). Your local Amerex Fire Equipment Distributor is professionally equipped to help you evaluate and implement these recommendations. 0000001255 00000 n 0000001055 00000 n Class A Extinguishers will put out fires in ordinary combustibles, such as paper or wood. endstream endobj 497 0 obj<>>>/LastModified(D:20050907150936)/MarkInfo<>>> endobj 499 0 obj<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/ExtGState<>>>/StructParents 0>> endobj 500 0 obj[/ICCBased 508 0 R] endobj 501 0 obj<>stream 0000000608 00000 n Class A extinguishers are rated for fires that involve ordinary household items such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber and plastics. �2v���YI�n̿a�d�.Ư�h��3L]��,���gq��!o����jg�^�NH��y� M'٨ a�$'B9�| Not considered effective for Class B and Class C fires, and dangerous if used for electrically energised equipment or cooking oils or fats. 0000001239 00000 n You may see them labeled: • "DC" short for "dry chem" • "ABC" indicating that they are designed to extinguish class A,B,and C fires, or • "BC" indicating that they are designed to extinguish class B and C fires. x�b``�c``:�����@�����b,@�!p���KPr%�j``� !>(f`Pbb�t�L`��� ��0}a�bfmX��_�o��G&?�a��@� ���X��u;�vF ~` -; It is therefore very important to understand the four different classifications of fuel. Foam Extinguishers. 0000002772 00000 n Depending on the agent used, different propellants are used. 0000000920 00000 n The most current issue of NFPA-10 should be consulted for minimum recommended fire extinguisher types, placement and travel distances.

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