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If you would like to see the latest opportunities from Jay you cango to his profile here. The first single, Flashing Lights, since released late 2013, has received airplay on multiple radio stations in 12 territories to date: Australia, Britain, Canada, Ecuador, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.Chance MUSIC A&R Manager Nick Chance says:Without Music Xray, we would not have found Leon Lacroix or he us, nor would his music have been heard in 12 global territories, nor would we be talking to 6 other artists with potential to sign at a later date. Their dynamic and soulful live performance substantiates that Chronolung is set to ignite a new form of musicianship.Chronolung had the chance to work with Stuart Epps, one of Music Xray's producers whose most noteworthy clients have included Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Brian Adams, Oasis, Robbie Williams,  and Elton John, for their EP “Crank It”. Eduardo is the newest orchestral composer to join Charlie Mac's team with 27 new tracks accepted into their catalog. Between 50 and 70 songs per day are selected for opportunities via Music Xray EACH DAY. So honored to have a review done by you on a 6 minute song :)looking forward to following you in the coming years please keep up the great work and have a great 2011. Some of the music industry professional's comments were 'This is a very heartfelt song, with so much character and meaning! Former Arista, EMI producer, LA Reid associate and respected industry veteran,David Snow has an amazing ability to showcase your talent and capture your unique artistic vision in his productions. Steve explained how things turned around: "Music Xray was one of the first places in which I found success with my songs. A very well connected Music Industry Professional with a no-nonsense approach and quality opportunities. He is looking for talented artists for the BET 106 & Park showhe artists he is looking for must have "unique and different with your talent and a great stage presencee found a round of artists that he has selected who will need to make it throughe next stages to be selected for the show. This is thanks to Stuart for doing such a fantastic job mixing my song and Music Xray. Charlie founded the publishing company MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK in 2004 and from there he has established a consistent track record of identifying songs that will be successful in a music licensing format. "I've used Musicxray as a platform to present my music to the public via a crisp, easy to use and stellar model of a website. I also would like to thank Juliet Gough, an incredibly talented and accomplished artist, who has helped us immensely with her support. Anyone in doubt about Music Xray need look no further than us and the success we are currently enjoying" Thanks.Indeed this is an awesome progress Zaccheri and your Music Xray family is happy for you. He offered me BOTH positive and negative feedback which I found encouraging and very constructive. Here is the wonderful email she sent us:After submitting my song "Long Time Coming" to Stuart's opportunity, he invited me to come and record a demo of it at his studio in Cookham. Thanks and hats off to the fine folks at Skope who worked withNorman Lamont RoadblockRusstown Representaz Get It GirlTrust Us The Make Out KidsaBSYNTh of dEATh Jealous ServantCatman Cohen There Was a BoyCyberslunk The BrainStorm Sessions -Vol 1 (Part 3)Jelixa Are You The One For Me_Radio EditMary Sarah Dear DiaryBlisko Pola SambaczaczabossanovaAbm Wine Down RemixFlyinFisch Three YearsStudio Red Spanish AntennasAyana John Can't Keep UpTim Miller Love, Your Broken Home (Live)Jamie Jameson Never Knew What Love Could BeAnthony Flask Remove Your Hands ( Finnal Mix )Stephen Lee OnlineAndrew Hamblin Where Did It GoJustice Boateng feat Queen Boateng and Suga Pressing OnZombie Western Slings and ArrowsSteph Ldavoski Super Hero (feat. Last Hope Road Shoe - “Lost On Christmas” - Upbeat acoustic-driven pop Christmas song That’s exactly what happened when Chris Heintz, of MIH Entertainment, stumbled across one of Noby Sidez’ tracks using the Needlestack music search feature on Music Xray. As far as my experience with Music Xray, I have a little bit in common with both artists above. Not getting songs in your music xray account? Li and I have never met in person, living in the USA and Portugal and now signed to a record label in Italy! He’s also getting some great play on the radio. A Song Review: "2 Scoops" by Michelle Harding, A Song Review: "Every Single Day" by Jennifer Daniels, Being Frugal Is In Vogue - The Cheap Song By Al Lorden, Song Of The Week - Never Really Cried by Simon Fagan, A Review of Rob Thomas' New Single: "Her Diamonds". Up next, likely touring with label mates Maximus or show swaps and music videos. Melissa then continued: "My second submission landed me an ongoing radio presence with Women of Substance Radio. Lynne Ferguson was immersed in music at a very young age. She helps expose indie artists through interviews, reviews and entertaining articles and artists that are featured in INCLINATION. But then, things started to look up for him. In addition Mango Reel Licensing Boutique has added my album to their libraryranroyale Music has added my album and videos to their play list!" Mr. Thompson says, “I’m honored to have my song, “Higher Calling” placed in Restored Me. Nothing can beat contacting industry people directly and with guaranteed listens. So could you help me out are you the next big thing??? Capital Grey had sent me their track "Paint This Town" and I was stunned. And Lior Magal, of The Goo, selected a few of his songs for a publishing deal.As an independent artist, Steve left some final assuring remarks for other artists: "I really believe that Music Xray is a legitimate, and a valuable company, that any songwriter should consider using, [and] I hardly endorse anything or any site. He is looking for talented musicians for Expat Records A&R. Thank you Music Xray and thank you Eddie Caldwell.Reading this email of yours really brought a smile to our hearts, Pete. Keith Williams delivers an incomparable performance with a unique talent and a tenor voice that touches the hearts and minds of all music lovers. Congratulations to Music Xray artist Mary Sarah. "We secured top quality videos for the band and started the business of growing a following, while the band recorded their debut album" Jeffrey Rubin of Banana Peel Radio keeps the candle burning at both ends when it comes to finding and working with new artists. 2 tracks from Eduardo to be considered for the Spike Lee film. Their achievement with the radio competition opened the door for promotion to the teenage and early-20's market, as well as the adult-AAA group that listens during the morning-drive hours in NYC.Chris Calamera sent us an email recently about Exit 22's experience in working with Stuart Epps. Check out the latest opportunities from Eddie Sea here. McGill acknowledges, "Knowing this song would probably fit a 12-15 year-old female, looking to do a catchy pop-country song, I submitted; although at the time, I did not know what kind of up and coming artists they had. Leslie also does 100% completely free reviews on Music Xray and if she likes your music she might even take on a little promotion for you. Marie Braden has created a unique way to bring entertainers of all genres together under one company and link up with major players in that particular field that can take these entertainers to the next level. Guitarist Uri Djemal is a childhood friend and a New York-based producer. At that point, I decided to allocate the remainder of my submission funds to Music Xray, the only vendor in my survey even attempting to develop a solution to that problem. I had some success in the form of college radio, online plays and blog coverage, but the cost was prohibitive relative to the exposure. ""I refer people to my EPK on Music Xray if they want to "feel me" because it has lyrics and pictures that support what is fresh off the press musically for me. Stevie Hawkins “Barn” Jim Hughes is a music-supervisor and composer's agent searching for new talent with the right new music for television, film, and the gaming market. Having checked out Taxi, and found it too expensive, I am so grateful to have found Music Xray! After years of belting it out in biker bars and nowhere dives, Pete now found himself opening shows for Charlie Daniels, Doug Kershaw, and other musical legends. Not only do I enjoy the company of the great musicians on their wall, the Music Xray team has succeeded in developing game-changing technology and a brilliant business model to support it. Like a circus performer balancing many plates, Reginald Todd is capable of maneuvering between numerous musical genres: Pop, R&B, Dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Country and even musical theater. Click the Links below to hear the featured songs! See all opportunities from Eddie Sea HERE, The song "Sleep When I Die" by Detroit based rapper K-Squeez has been commercially licensed by Brine for an upcoming ad campaign including TV commercials and online advertisements. Hear OSPO Black's song “Life of Mi” HERE! - Ken Roberts You can listen to Jon Purdey's music HERE

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