sedgwick county jail visitation

The Sedgwick Jail is situated in Sedgwick, Arkansas. -U.S. Passport. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18. Only a detention lieutenant, or higher rank, will add or remove any entries in this register. Special pre-arranged visits for long-distance travelers: Special visits can be pre-arranged for persons who are not on an approved visitor’s list or who have traveled a substantial distance and for a family visit for a seriously ill or injured inmate. As part of the department’s ongoing COVID-19 prevention efforts to protect the health and safety of the inmates, inmate’s visitors and our employees, the Sheriff’s Department will temporarily suspend inmate visitation at all Orange County Jail facilities, with the exception of attorney visitation. Please note that Jail vending cards are only good for use at that specific Jail. If your inmate moves to another Jail, you should work with the sending Jail to obtain information about how you can get a refund of any remaining funds on that card. Sedgwick County sheriff Jeff Easter says the county jail will close its lobby to public access starting Monday, March 23rd, and it will be in effect through April 5th in a response to the coronavirus situation. For an inmate to be visited by anyone who is not permitted, the inmate must initiate the request to have a prohibited visitor added to his/her visiting list, and a recommendation must come from the inmate’s unit team. This account is best suited for attorneys, bail bondsmen, and friends & family of long-stay inmates. This is only done Monday – Friday. -No spaghetti strings or shirts that expose the shoulder or midriff It is up to the inmate to inform his/her visitor(s). Now Hiring Clerical Positions. Visiting Rules. -Lighters Search for and associate inmates with your Securus Online account and add funds today! Please check with the appropriate facility to see what their local policy is with respect to purchasing photos while in the visiting room. Facility: Sedgwick Jail. 1. It’s a “use them or lose them” rule. Items not permitted in the visiting room should either be left in your vehicle or placed in the locker. No other carrying container of any kind will be allowed. The COUNTY cannot force an inmate to conduct a visit if he/she does not wish to do so. Only upon meeting and departing, the visitor and the inmate may exchange a brief kiss and embrace. They can only house up to 29 female offenders at one given time. About the Sedgwick County Jail & Detention Center. Pictures Taken During Visits: All visits are by appointment only and may be scheduled 24 hours in advance. -Voter’s registration card. Call 970-474-3355 for directions At no time shall visitors try to give inmates gifts or items (other than vending machine items). -No halter tops This includes a drivers license with picture identification, military ID, or other verifiable picture ID. Save time and money by remotely visiting with your incarcerated loved one from the comfort of your home. In all instances a female staff member will be used to identify the visitor. When getting the updated visiting hours list, you will also need to bring a government-issued identification card such as your passport or your driver’s license, to be permitted into the visitation … -No pajamas or lingerie Sedgwick County Detention Facility is located in Sedgwick County and is the jail for that region. Face veils or other articles of clothing that obstruct the view of an individual’s face required by a female visitor’s religious beliefs are permitted to be worn inside the facility. This facility is for adult inmates. Unused photo tickets and any balance remaining on the food vending card may be used during future visits. -No bathing suits Only visitors may use/operate vending machines. -any current, active volunteer of the COUNTY The Sedgwick County Jail inmates are allowed to have visitors. They ensure that all correctional officers Staff will not make change. This is a medium-security detention center. Face veils or obstructive clothing: Visiting at OC Jails temporarily suspended. At no time shall visitors try to give inmates money. Located at 141 W. Elm Street Wichita, Kansas, 67203, the Sedgwick County Jail or Detention Facility is regulated by the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department and houses persons arrested while awaiting trial, as well as persons convicted of committing crimes. All cash must be contained in a clear plastic bag or small clear change purse. The public may visit no more than one time per week, Monday through Saturday at this Julesburg CO location. This jail is a correctional facility that is operated and managed by the Sedgwick County Jail. Children ages five and younger may be held by the inmate on his/her lap. Information on Visit Regulations in every facility. All cities in the county and surrounding counties are being served by the Sedgwick County […] When a female corrections officer is not available, female staff from other departments (e.g., Medical, Business Office, Records, Food Services, etc.) Make sure to call 970-474-3355 between Monday through Friday from 8am to 3:45pm if you would like to make an appointment to visit an inmate. You must be 18 or older to visit, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian who also is on the inmate’s visitor’s list or unless you are the legal spouse of the inmate. In order to maintain security, prevent the introduction of contraband and to prevent the unauthorized recording of conversations in professional visitation, equipment such as tape recorders, cameras, laptop computers, etc. All food/drink items purchased from the vending machines must be consumed and disposed of in the visiting room. Sedgwick County Jail, CO Inmate Search, Visitation Hours The Sedgwick County Jail is located in Julesburg, Colorado. -Temporary Resident Card (INS Form I-688). The Detention Bureau of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is composed of the Operations and Support Divisions. NOTE: Some Jails do not allow baby wipes to be brought in because they already are available inside the visiting room. Never bring any gifts or money for the inmate. For information about visitation for those inmates housed in Sedgwick County, please refer to our Detention Inmate Visitation & Guidelines. Please feed your baby/babies before visiting. PO Box 132, Sedgwick, AR, 72465. All visits are held at the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility located at 141 W Elm. -Cell phones If the inmate is housed in a different facility other than Sedgwick County, please contact that facilities managing agency for visitation and other guidelines. Name: Sedgwick Jail. To inquire about an inmate call (316) 660-5245. You only may be on one inmate’s visitor’s list at a time. Reserve Bureau Commander: 660-3793 All of these items must be placed in a clear plastic bag, which is provided in the visitor reception area. Facility Name: Sedgwick County Jail: Facility Type: County Jail: Address: 141 West Elm Street, Wichita, KS, 67203: Capacity: 1500: Facility Type: Adult: City: Wichita Please check with the appropriate Jail regarding their local policies. Similarly, if an inmate or visitor terminates a visit for lunch, the visit may not be continued after lunch.

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