RE: HSR FFR PRIORITY No. 1 Sydney – Melbourne


RE: HSR VFT PRIORITY No. 1 Sydney – Melbourne


As most of people appreciate the task head for the HSR-VFT, our group is passionately pushing forward with this concept for the value it will bring to this great country. Our group currently encompasses representation from Australian engineers, involved in both the consulting and construction aspects and all have similar passion as evident of mine and I am sure yours.

This project is on parity to previous Australian projects that have become Icons for this country, the Kalgoorlie Water Pipeline, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, but none more so than the great Snowy Scheme of the forties and 50-60's.  You can rest assured that such a feat as these were brought about by one thing and one thing only, a mastery of public relations and resulting public support. The Snowy Scheme, to me represents a vision for the hinterland, valour in engineering, and the foundations of the comradely of international physical constituent effort.  It was a New Deal and equivalent of the Americans Lake Mead by President Roosevelt, after the depression of the 30's.

I see no difference with what is in front of us now. The need for a mastery of public relations and tapping of the already existing public support. A New Deal, a Vision for the hinterland, Valour in Engineering. Our group represents a comradely of international constituents.

The copy of presentation, left with you, mentioned above endeavours to convey the message that HSR VFT Futuro Concept Priority No. 1 for the Sydney Melbourne leg, over the time period of the project 35 years on from its operation date:

  1. That based on conservative patronage and light freight volumes is economic and financeable in our opinion.
  2. It recognises the value of regional development it will bring and the ability to tap onto land usages revaluation.

Few people have mentioned and I agree that the only way it will be financed is through a land revaluation model along the corridor. But as I related to few investors, politician and engineering companies, the two must go hand in hand, for you need the operation cash flow whilst the land revaluation increases can take hold. It’s suggested that land valuation increases will not occur, as a rule overnight, and it is therefore important that the whole package of patronage, light freight and land usage revaluation should be looked at as complementing each other and not land valuation model dominate the operations value.