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Futuro Concept Australia would like to create a consortium/joint venture for the development of hsr-vft in australia. We would like to share our passion and information regarding the possiblities of a HSR - VFT roject in Australia.

If you would like to join futuro concept australia on the HSR - VFT project, please contact us for further discussions. All of our links and articles have a story to tell and your input and facilitation will help us achieve our goal.




Rail transport in Australia is a crucial aspect of the Australian Transport Network. Rail in Australia is to a large extent state-based. The Australian rail network consists of a total of 41,461 km of track of three major track gauges, of which 2,940 km is electrified.



Case Management - Accelerate resolutions of any HSR-VFT project by assigning, managing, and routing support cases across various communications channels, including phone, email and web.

Knowledge Management - Give engineers instant access to a complete knowledge base, enabling them to respond faster to issues and reduce the learning curve for new projects.

Owner Portal - Provide your project with highly personalised and interactive engineering on the portal—improving owner/s satisfaction.

Time Tracking - Provide improved visibility into Case Management with time tracking directly tied to the project records.

Data Sheet - Software/s will provide/s comprehensive project, service and engineering capabilities.



We at Futuro Concept focus on the HSR-VFT and Light-Bulk-Heavy Freight that require real-time project control, asset integrity management, traceability and agility. We offer a solid integrated set of rail specialist in the abovementioned businesses, so you get a comprehensive, agile team with the right functionality for your specific requirements. Comprehensive, agile and adaptable to handle all your industry needs.


Systems & 
Project Eng

Maximise your project profit through careful management of committed costs against the approved project budget.

Fixed Price contracts after all are just that and opportunities to recover escalated costs are rare unless you have effective control of the Variation Claim process.
Managing and reporting on project performance is accurate and easy:

  • There are no surprises resulting in better client relationships
  • Sub-contractors are dealt with in a professional and consistent manner – things flow more smoothly

Now you have a contract management software tool to profitably manage individual contracts and projects while meeting the business requirement for accurate and timely forecasting, and cash management.